HDN Health Design Network

The Health Design network is an IIIDre Expert Network, set up by designers to help designers working for health promotion and better health services.


  • Prof. Jorge Frascara, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Guillermina Noël, Adjunct Researcher, Emily Carr University Health Design Lab


  • Prof. Jonathan Aitken, Director, Emily Carr University Health Design Lab


The fields of medicine, pharmacy, public health and other related areas, are becoming more conscious of the contributions that design can make, and there is a growing need for designers to acquire the information and skills required in this domain.

Considering this, the International Institute for Information Design, Research and Education, is creating a Health Design Network. The scope of the Health Design Network is to compile a list of professionals working in communication and industrial design for health and medicine, and to create a database of case studies and other relevant information in the field. The Health Design Network is housed at the Health Design Lab of Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada.

There are many designers working in this area, but we are not connected with each other. The aim of the Network is to facilitate communication among international designers working in the field.

If you want to become a member of the Network, please send us an email and contribute a case study at your earliest convenience. Case studies will be peer reviewed before being uploaded to the database.

Guillermina Noël and Jorge Frascara
Vancouver, September, 2014


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