Letter to IIIDre friends

Dear IIIDre friends,

as you know: IIIDre – with its focus on information design ”r”esearch and “e”ducation – is an independent offspring of IIID.

To date, Guillermina Noel and Jorge Frascara, both back to the University of Alberta at Edmonton, Canada, have developed the IIIDre Health Design Network (HDN): www.healthdesignnetwork.net

Peter Simlinger

At Vienna, Austria, for the time being our focus is on the marketing of the Tern*) typeface, elaborated within the EC sponsored project SOMS/In-Safety (Substituting / Optimizing (variable) Message Signs for the Trans-European Road Network): iiidre.net/soms/tern-typeface

IIID Traffic & Transport Expert Forum 2017. Only very recently IIID (= IIIDre’s “mother”) has decided to continue with organizing a Traffic & Transport (Information Design) Expert Forum. The series of these fora was initiated in 2006. This year’s forum in partnership with UITP (The International Association of Public Transport) requires your urgent attention. Please visit http://ttf.iiid.net and consider proposing a presentation and/or attending the event.

The theme, date and place of the Expert Forum:
Information as a (public) service
23 + 24 November 2017
Linz, Austria
Paper submission deadline: 19 April.

Proceeding with IIIDre

For some time I have been silent, due to challenges faced and successfully met by my company. Now, however, I should not miss the opportunity to indicate ideas on how to proceed with IIIDre. To realize these ideas in a goal oriented way they will require your possible support.

It is my belief that we can be successful – together – with engaging in cross border, project specific cooperation. The projects in mind could have an an educational focus, like the fully developed Traffic & Transport Information Design MSc course, or a R&D focus that relates to information specific fields like health, finance, travel. They must be challenging ones which cannot be met by walking traditional ways. They need the cooperation of experienced professionals and a focus on clearly defined goals.

I do not think about competitive calls which taught IIID a lesson – despite of its successful reactions to several int’l R&D challenges. The goals in mind are beyond competitive calls. May be such as e.g. indicated by a representative of the Inter-American Development Bank I had discussions with at the 3rd OECD World Forum at Busan, Korea.

Those of you who feel interested and capable to contribute to the envisaged cooperation please report back and let me know, informally, the following:

  • your general and subject specific competences
  • your experiences in project related cross border cooperation indicating technical, cultural, and language specific challenges that had been met
  • your timewise availability
  • suggestions of who else we should approach
  • and whether you would be prepared to act as a general and/or project specific coordinator.

It would be nice indeed could we find a way to demonstrate the power of information design as a vehicle to here and there improve the conditions of life in general and our own well-being in particular.

Looking forward to receiving your eventual response to p.simlinger@iiidre.net,
with best regards,


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