IIIDre is a not-for-profit organization
registered in Austria: ZVR-Zahl 079146760.
Managing Director: Peter Simlinger.

  • Head office: Designforum, MQ, Museumsplatz 1,
    1070 Vienna, Austria.
  • info@iiidre.net


The association’s objectives concern the setting up of an internationally oriented institution for research and education in information design operating on an interdisciplinary basis.
IIIDre is established to enhance the conveying of information in all social, cultural and economic areas through tasks of research and development (R&D) taken on and carried out, furthermore including:

  • giving expert opinion
  • undertaking internationally oriented research activities
  • documenting and processing
    making generally accessible and promoting the dissemination of relevant and applicable knowledge in the area of graphic information design
  • delegating knowledgeable experts to contribute to work of committees concerned with this field of knowledge leading up to decisions in related legislation, standardization, public administration and vocational education and training
  • establishing and maintaining links to similar institutions abroad and to international institutions for the purpose of mutual exchange of information and possible cooperation on an international basis, in particular for the setting up of an ”Information Design University“ under the auspices of UNESCO in a way that reflects the technical and media-related possibilities of today.


By visiting http://www.iiidre.net you understand that IIIDre is not responsible for the content of information provided on linked pages which have an URL which is different from http://www.iiidre.net.

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